Colleen Connor PhotoColleen Connor is a legally blind performer and speaker based in the Washington, DC area. Her academic studies and training include a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Theatre from The Catholic University of America (2010), certification from The London Dramatic Academy (Kensington, London 2009), vocal training under Paul Meier and Charlotte Graham, and a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do under Grand Master Jhoon Goo Rhee.


She constantly strives to sharpen her vocal techniques, dialects, musical talents, writings, and dynamic levels of performance. She has worked primarily in DC, her resume sporting employment with The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and The Theatre Lab School for the Dramatic Arts. In addition, Colleen is featured in several voice-overs at The International Spy Museum, where she has lead thousands of guests on interactive CIA case file tours over the past five years. Noticed at the museum, she has also been involved in several Audio Description projects including The George W. Bush Heritage Library and Museum in Texas.


Colleen’s visual impairment has forever changed her perspective, and she consistently adapts and learns new skills to maintain her independence. Now inspired to influence society’s notions about individuals with disabilities, Colleen hosts Blind Inspiration Cast, a podcast and consulting service dedicated to raising awareness and coping with blindness. Colleen is determined to broaden people’s minds and hearts and considers the creative professions to be essential to society.


Colleen looks forward to each and every opportunity to create and to utilize her talents! If you would like to contact her please e-mail: